Metaware supports you in several ways:

Rapid arrangements for certification
Metaware can provide substantive support if the organisation desires that certification be settled quickly. Supported by our certified consultants or business partners, we prepare the  mandatory documents and focus on tailoring the customised screens to the business processes.

Mobile and moreSupport desk software
Many organizations have an outdated management system. Nowadays, so much more is possible, especially with mobile devices. We can show it, possibly as a so-called 'proof of concept'. 

Support - online scanBased on years of experience and countless examples, Metaware can quickly assess your own management system remotely.
The support is broad, from application technical to the management system itself. 


Consultancy workflow apps

Benefit from our experience and expertise on a temporary basis without having to expand the present staff. Metaware IT consultants assist and support in the whole project; from the planning and specification to the development and implementation. The certified project managers, consultants and developers of Metaware (an IBM business partner with approved solutions Proware, Improware en Infoware) are highly experienced IT specialists who have years of experience in various industries. If necessary Metaware provides them to the organization for specific projects or long-term consultancy, for example in the form of personnel for assistance and support.

Examples of Metaware projects:


  • Metaware can very quickly customized web applications and apps to deliver specific business processes, with or without a sound workflow.
  • Metaware supports the deployment of web applications and apps. New software often requires changes within the organization. Metaware is accompanied with a well-structured project setup, with great attention to future users.


With Proware, Improware and Infoware anyone can get started immediately. With a workshop you will learn to fully exploit its potential. The certified teachers from Metaware have extensive experience in different business situations. The workshops will take half a day.

1. Update
If you are already an experienced user  this workshop teaches you  the latest features of the application. In addition, there is attention to detail that you have encountered while using a previous version of the application.

2. Usage
This workshop teaches the best use of the characteristics of this particular application such as participating in workflow, searching and organizing information, the completion of actions within the application: cases occurring in everyday practice.

3. Management
Proware, Improware and Infoware function even better if the databases are installed according to the requirements and needs of the organization. In this workshop you will learn how you can customize the applications so that users can fully exploit its potential.

Custom solutions are available upon request.

App development

Metaware provides dedicated cloud solutions like Proware, Improware en Infoware (IBM approved) as well as customized software solutions that can grow with the organization. Backed by our experience in various industries, we offer concrete solutions for improving business processes. The flexibility of our software products provides organizations simultaneously with hold and maneuver space. Management is teamwork. Our products and solutions and support strengthen the teamwork. Result: improve the present business processes and increase productivity.


Examples of Metaware customization:


  • A correspondence and recall system for all Chambers of Commerce
  • One Simplicity Award winning knowledge management system for a division of Philips
  • A distribution system for official product documentation for the multinational Philips
  • An information system for the customer teams of Sorgente
  • One time registration for all mobile service mechanics of Endress + Hauser
  • Customer service system for engineers in the medical area of bioMérieux
  • An expert system for Customer Service of